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  1. I'm actually a moderator on that forum. You wouldn't believe the amount of stuff we have to delete or edit. For better or worse, it's there. Every once in a while there are some gems, but it's usually it's all crap.
  2. From ages 17-27, all I had done was my left sleeve, and some random one-offs. I think I'm glad I took it slow back then, because now that I have the time/money, I've been getting tattooed at LEAST once a month for 5+ hours each session. One week I got 5 new pieces. And it's good tattoos now, not the BS I was getting when I was younger. I still have my left leg, right arm (save for a small spot), full torso and back, feet, hands, and neck to get done. In all honesty I don't think there's enough time on this earth for me to get as many as I want.
  3. I'll be there as well. Look for the guy in the black shirt with all the tattoos.
  4. Hunter Wilson


    Gypsy woman and rose. Artist: Pat Carmack, Diablo Rojo Tattoo - Austin, TX.
  5. Can't believe I missed this. I was actually getting tattooed when I found out it was happening the same night. Got to see Eric Axel's piece before the show, but missed everyone else's. Any other stuff coming up this winter?
  6. I started like most, arms first. Big gnarly flash piece from the internet when I was about 17. Obviously I was fuckin' super smart back then. Luckily I only ended up getting a few shitty tattoos that reside above sleeve line. I'm saving my whole right arm for Russ Abbott, he just doesn't know it yet. Left leg is reserved for whoever wants to mentor me.
  7. My right shin. Nathan Haynes @ Amillion Tattoo - Austin, TX.
  8. Worst spot so far is definitely outside ankle bone. Achilles tendon right around the corner wasn't a blast either.
  9. Hey there, I'm Hunter. Live in Austin, TX. Full time artist trying to break into tattooing. I have about 30-40 hours in the chair under my belt, and currently in the process of completing my right leg with the wonderful Nathan Haynes here in town. Here is a shot of my leg so far to break the ice (sorry its an IG rip, it's all I got). I hope to contribute as much as I can, and thanks for having me.
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