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  1. Pick a program and stick with it! Once you get better you can switch it up - just keep doing it! - - - Updated - - - Was doing a ton of tri training - endurance cardio. Kept weight training but it wasn't my focus. Got back to heavy iron four weeks ago Doing a 4 week plan going from high reps to lower reps week to week. I'm in week 4 and can feel the results!
  2. Haven't really been on here much since getting my chest piece done a while back. But I was in real bad shape over the winter - blessing into the spring. I did c25k - couch to 5k to snap me back into it. I've run a few races. I started lifting again in June and wonder why I stopped after getting married - and having kids! I'm focused on cardio/fat loss while maintaining strength and fitness. I also started a Paleo diet in Sept that has really worked out well for me and I'm going to keep up with it. My routine is basically consistently inconsistent. Typically on week 1 I can get in 4 good workouts and week 2 I can get in 6. On week 1 I will mix in some cardio or home workout that I can hit from the living room w the kids milling about. I have just moved from a six day split - every muscle group twice per week to a 4 day split - every muscle group once with a little more intensity. Day 1 chest - Tri Day 2 back - Bi Off day Day 3 legs abs Day 4 shoulders - traps Rest / rest On rest and off days I do cardio and some Addl abs. I will say bodybuilding.com has a great 12 week program to go from noob to knowledgeable! Folks w questions it is a great resource! I'll be checking in more frequently!
  3. So i got this colored in two weeks ago today. I am almost fully healed up and will have a picture up in the next day or two.
  4. Very nice tattoos! I'm hoping to be healed up enough to jump in here!
  5. So Im mostly all healed up from the outlining and shading. 1 week from today, Ill be geting the coloring done! getting antsy.
  6. I worked out yesterday w a healing tattoo, 1.5 weeks. It really kinda stung a bit on the areas that are still healing. Any tips on how to avoid this and still get a good workout in?
  7. Think Superman, or Clark, without the chiseled physique - anymore.
  8. Ok, Seems like semantics here: How about Traditional Japanese V. Non traditional Japanese.
  9. Ok, So following on another thread. This thread is to discuss the differences of American Japanese Tattoos V. Traditional Japanese Tattoos. I, for one, have no idea what the differences are, and will say I have done little research. Following up on that who do you think are doing quality work in each category? FTTF
  10. very good - i especially liked the first one of the angel gettingher halo removed!
  11. Ok, Noob - whos Ed? .. also how does Garver and Rubendall stack up to the actual Japanese(from Japan) tattoo artists (particularily the guys out at State of Grace?
  12. You guys aren't itchy at all? I'm itchy as all get out! I'm sure partly because of the hair growing back
  13. Im on day 5 from a Saturday Tattoo - and I am healing up nicely, but the fish flakes that are coming off are pretty funny looking!
  14. Welcome aboard, Why dont you post up some pics of what you have and then some of the folks can suggest what would work well with them. Or even go chat with your artist about what would work well and where.
  15. Ok I put a little moisturizer on as it's end of day 3 It really stung - stinging subsided but I'm worried about re moisturizing too soon
  16. Ok, So Im just a little bit sore, a little bit itchy, but it is healing up nicely. Still a little red in the heavier shaded spots and some of the line work where there are lines overlapping or close together. I get to start aquafor tonight, so I'm pretty happy to be able to moisturize. I worked out a little bit last night and after starting really dialled it back as it was irritating it a little bit.
  17. I was very happy w\ Johannes he did some set up, called me back, then once we were moving along showed me the sealed needles and opened them in front of me. It was definately a nice touch. I wasnt worried, but if there were any worry that could creep up, he put me at ease.
  18. @Leighroy What is the peice on your arm? is it a shocking image? Maybe the sketch and the image dont work well together. How is she now that it a few months removed? .. On my note, as everyone may have seen in the healing thread, I had a 2.5 hour session and go back at the end of the month to get it colored. I couldn't be happier with how this turned out and am on the road to recovery right now. Healing up nicely. - - - Updated - - - Although im about a half inch from the nipple, it felt like I was getting tattood right on it! - weird sensation!. .... I am just under the collarbone and I think that was more painful and an odder senstation, like your entire skeleton was being vibrated!
  19. Here is my kids Footprints and Roses, done by Johannes, Black Stallion Tattoo, working at Good Faith Tattoo in Boston, MA
  20. My chest is all puffy and a wee bit sore. Not concerned, let's see how it reacts in the AM.
  21. Ok 1st session w Johannes today. Only 2.5 hours. Going back in a few weeks for color Pic of the a tattoo is on us IG and I will post here as soon as I'm at a desktop
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