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  1. . I've had both my armpits blasted, 6hrs one side, 9.5 for the other. Swelling like that is par for the course with that sensitive area. I was swollen for about week afterwards, very uncomfortable and probably the worst spot I've experienced yet.
  2. Ok I got ya, your the dude with the wild things pieces from Cecil, right on man. I dropped off that other forum, too buggy. Yeah I just got a couple more pieces from him over the weekend, Churchill and Capone portraits
  3. You are probably way more plugged into the scene than me bro. Thats good to hear, I was getting discouraged when other enthusiasts weren't familiar with his work.
  4. Just goes to show how difficult portraits are to do, your right even well respected artists have hits and misses. I only trust 1 artist for that kind of work.
  5. I don't mean this forum I realize that, I mean in the industry in general. Seems like every time I drop his name to other artists I get confused faces lol. Obviously his location probably has a lot to do with it but his work should be more internationally known imo.
  6. peterpoose those are some beautiful works of art! I honestly think there is no better artist in the entire world than Dmitriy when you consider his ability to do color and B&G pieces.
  7. thanks man, I love seeing his work. Its a shame not many people out west are familiar with his fantastic pieces of art.
  8. The Eel on my chest was a 6hr battle, I wanted to throw in the towel multiple times. Around the armpit, sternum, and collarbone were rough treading. Soon Im going to be filling in my armpit, I can't even imagine what fun that will be.
  9. Im surprised Dmitriy Samohin isn't more of househould name, even in the smaller circle of realism artists. His skill set is truly incredible!
  10. I saw portraits that were much worse than this in artist's portfolios at the Musink convention, it was shocking:eek:
  11. I uploaded a bunch of pics to my gallery
  12. Just started my historical figures sleeve this weekend (by artist Cecil Porter)
  13. Sir Winston Churchill
  14. Pigmentos

    Al Capone

    The original scarface
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