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  1. Thanks everyone! Very early days yet but I'm so excited! Ill have tattoo envy though haha Love those ideas Delicious. Have thought about incorporating a greek temple into the Medusa tat and other Greek myths like Pandora's box but will have to shelve these for a while
  2. I dont have many tattooes longest ive sat for about 4 hours on my right leg. It wasn't too bad but my left leg was horrible. I could barely manage 2.5 hours, glad I had it done in 2 sessions
  3. I was planning a girl faun tattoo with panpipes on either shoulder/arm or inner calf but I've just found out I'm pregnant! Guess I'll be waiting a while before I can have any more done.
  4. I see a lot of tattooed patients who are needle phobic. A lot of nurses and doctors (usually have no tattooed themselves) can't understand this but there's a big difference in the type of pain. Also, people want to be tattooed, most peopke don't want to get sick and have blood taken.
  5. Stu at Progression Tattoo finished my Medusa last night, I'm really stoked with it!
  6. My left leg is hurting a lot more than when my right leg was done! It's really weird, even getting the tattoo hurt a lot more. Every time I have to put my leg down after keeping it elevated I'm doing it really slowly otherwise it bloody stings! And I have to go back in two weeks to have it finished (groans)
  7. Just had my Medusa done by Stu Pagdin at Progression Tattoo Adelaide. Unfortunately we ran out of time to finish the rest of the coloring but I'm pretty stoked with it! Will be finished on the 28th.
  8. I'm having a Medusa done ony left calf today by Stu at Progression tattoo. Haven't seen the sketch yet but have asked for her to be holding a hand mirror and some flowers in background. Can't wait!
  9. I looked into this before laser treatment and I read reports that it can leave people with really nasty keloid scarring.
  10. jitterbug

    Athena and owl

    Done by Stu Pagdin at Progression Tattoo, Adelaide
  11. Thanks Mike :) This is my fourth laser treatment. I'm not getting the dramatic results that Scott or Ian has had but there is some lightening. I reckon it will take a few more sessions before I can even start to think about what to cover it up with.
  12. I struggled a bit when I had my outer calf done. My ankle and the top of my foot was swollen from standing at work and I started getting pins and needles in my toes. I took antihistamines, anti inflammatorys and kept my leg elevated when I could but it still took about a few days before my leg was a normal size again. I'm getting my other calf done in two weeks and know what to expect this time around.
  13. Where I go they don't allow anyone but the customer into the actual studio area. I'm happy with that because I don't want a bunch of strangers watching me get tattooed. I will admit that I watch my artist preparing and stuff though. Not because I aspire to be a tattoo artist but because I'm an operating room nurse. I want to make sure they use sterile technique because I'm so careful about it myself at work and its kind of ingrained.
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