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    I'm Scott, from - Scotland, as it happens. Rapidly approaching my 50th birthday. On that basis, for about the last 15 years I had decided I was too old (a) to keep going to see rock gigs, and (b) to get any more tattoos - I had three, all done between 15 & 20 years ago. Then I had a word with myself, reminded me how much I loved live music, started to get out and about a bit more and then started to think about more ink. So that's four more tattoos in the last six months or so, which is a much better average.
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    Just outside Glasgow
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    Hillwalking, dogs, alcohol

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  1. We've got four cats and two dogs. Like others, there's far too many favourite photos to choose from. However, this week I'm going to see the highly excellent Monster Truck play in Glasgow, so here's Jorja rocking one of their T-shirts. Because - well, why not. :D
  2. That's just what they're hard wired to do. I'm glad that only one of our four seems to have the knack of doing it successfully, mind you. (Oops - the cat v bird thing, I mean. Forgot my quote!)
  3. Well, the next one I've got in the pipeline is just a sort of traditional banner affair, which'll sit above the rest of the stuff on my right arm, and hopefully round off the whole musical/band/lyrics theme. On the banner will appear the words "Hail Poetry". If anyone else on here is getting a tattoo with a Gilbert & Sullivan reference in the near future, I'll (a) be impressed, and (b) buy you a drink. :D
  4. Oh what the hell, I'm getting towards drunk, here's the "one of the tattoos" song. :D
  5. I've said this elsewhere on here - my profile, probably! - but maybe two years ago I decided that, late 40's or not, I wasn't too old to start going to see bands play live again. Then that reminded me that when I was younger, I also liked tattoos, so I embraced that again as well. So...music inspired, and continues to inspire me, because I've decided my arm's a work in progress, and keep going back for more. And although the late Warren Zevon apparently wasn't a tattoo fan, I've got a couple of pieces largely related to his stuff, so that's undeniably a particular inspiration. Oh, and if anybody wants a "great lyrics in rock songs" debate, I'm in the Zevon corner. :p
  6. At the last count as well as two dogs, we've got five cats, which is really a few too many, but it's not all our fault - one or two of the cats are technically strays that decided to move in. :confused: Still I've always liked this photo, taken about 8 years ago now. The big one was called Tiny, and we got him from the rescue centre when he was about 17. He was supposed to be a committed "outdoors only" cat - the Centre had changed their policy and weren't going to let any of the animals roam about any more. They were all going to be confined to pens, so they wanted to rehome the old man to somewhere he could get fed, but just live outside. Hmmm. From the day we took him home, he never ventured out of the house for more than about 10 minutes at a time. He was virtually blind, and entirely deaf, but as you can see he was quite long suffering with the homeless kitten that we "adopted" a couple of months after his arrival. That's another story though. Tiny passed on maybe a year after that, but Lara the kitten is still going strong!
  7. I doubt it's all that awesome in the big scheme of things, but Molly (the Big Dug!) was looking pretty pleased with herself last week on the top of Cairn Gorm. Scotland's 6th biggest mountain, no less! I was with her, for the avoidance of doubt. ;)
  8. Reaching out to touch the sky, obviously? If that's the case, I'm beginning to form a mental image. When are you in Scotland next? ;)
  9. Edit - not got to grips with the mechanics of this forum yet. Not that anybody probably saw the original version. Anyhoo... - - - Updated - - - ...yeah, anyhoo, this is just all kinds of excellent, I think. Idea, execution, oddness, everything. ;)
  10. See, that's good to know, because as soon as I find somebody that knows what Supernaut looks like, I've got space available. :)
  11. Not sure where that other thread is, but I can certainly confirm that when I had a MRI scan last year, the radiographer(?)/scanner guy made a point of asking if I had any "old" tattoos with a lot of red in them. What he said was that some older red tattoo inks had a high concentration of iron in them, and given the MRI scanner is basically a huge full body magnet, there could be...um...issues. Whether the science of it is a myth or not I've no idea, but the fact they ask you about it is real enough! In fairness, I have no idea how "old" the ink has to be before it might be an issue. Maybe he only asked me because I'm pushing 50. :cool:
  12. Heh, heh - I only discovered it after season 4. A pal loaned me the first season on DVD, purely because he knew I'm a Ron Perlman fan. I got hooked, bought 2, 3 & 4 and watched them relentlessly then got slightly depressed when I had to watch season 5 in "real time" on TV. (Actually, I'd sometimes cheat, and not watch for 3 weeks so I could record it & look forward to a proper catch up. Sad, I know.) It's much, much worse having to actually wait for them to film some more!
  13. I realise this is an old thread, but given that I recently started getting tattoos again largely because I started going to see live bands again; and given that those two things made me decide that even though I'm getting old, I'm not so old that I need to behave old; and given the band that started this off had a logo that I thought worked as a tattoo; and given I'm now kind of engaged in filling an arm up with band/song-related stuff...well, this seemed like a relevant thread altogether. ;) So here's a crappy photo of my Black Stone Cherry tattoo. Oh, just in case anyone's interested: ;)
  14. I'm not sure there's any way round it. Getting tattoos hurts, more or less, depending on whereabouts it's going. If you really, genuinely want that tattoo though, it doesn't hurt enough that it should put you off. (Sometimes I find the whole "washing a slightly scabby wound for a week or so" aspect more unpleasant than the actual needlework.) ;)
  15. Welcome from another newbie just across the water. As long as you're 100% decided now, that's all that matters. Apart from the addiction after the first one - that matters too. :D
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