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  • Birthday 11/16/1971

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    Tattooer @ Tattoo Magic, drummer in Eddy Current Suppression Ring, collector of pre 1983 Bmx's
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    Melbourne, Australia
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  1. sounds awesome. i just did a black and white paperback on Blurb of some of my basic line drawings, just for my own amusement. and basic ideas to show customers etc. this rose, that bird... Cheap, easy and if you are going to sell them you dont sit on boxes of books.
  2. yeah. was up watching the Nick Colella and Juan ones aswell. good site.

  3. hey Bart. im from Melbourne, Australia and just had a few beers with Petey Oh Sees. he showed me your stuff last time he was here. nice!

  4. Hey Danny, just watched the Freddy Corbin interviews, so rad!

  5. Just got my Nickel Fastback shader during the week, its awesome!
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