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  1. How do you expect anyone to point you in any direction without knowing what you want. also the people who told you your idea may not work are some of the best tattoo artists in the business, some times you need to not make everything about yourself and think a little more about maybe these people are asking me specific questions to be able to assist me on a broader spectrum other than " her der log onto internet get any answere about anything log off get inked brah"
  2. I wouldn’t say you’re not getting any help here, I would say you are poo-pooing everyone suggestions to you. we can only say so much at the end of the day you will do what you want, if waiting to get a good tattoo from someone who is more than capable of doing it is something you can’t do than its your responsibility to look through every artist in your areas for a style you like and an artist you feel is up to the job, we all get the tattoos we deserve after all. also I don’t see how anyone having cutting scars has anything to do with waiting for a tattoo. if you waited until now you can certainly wait until you find someone you will be happy with. at the end of the day its your responsibility as the consumer to know exactly what you are getting yourself into. knowledge is power
  3. im impressed siri let you speak this entire thing out without cutting you off, she cuts me off A LOT! haha
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    im on instagram @Stax138 come check out my life as a tattoo apprentice at irish buddha tattoo
  5. there are a few things up on thingiverse.com Tattoo Machine frame by buja - Thingiverse - - - Updated - - - i found the blueprints to one on http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:223785
  6. Dusty Neal did a killer Mt. Lion tat a couple months ago, there is a healed picture up on his instagram.
  7. Stax138

    Coman re paint

    P. Coman re paint.
  8. Isnt that all he does on that show, along with look over everyons shoulder as they sketch there ideas telling them its shit because its not bloodpuddin.
  9. I'm speaking generally. Not about tattoos in particular.
  10. every generation previous hates on the genration that comes after it, its inevitable!
  11. I would kill to get like a smoke snake or something, his work is top notch. all his original stuff is out of this world
  12. When I was Getting my arm outlined ( wrist to elbow, WWII Dog Fight scene by Kyle Oxford at read st. tattoo) it took 6 hours for just the outline and then i sat for 6 more hours to get alot of the shading and color done, but its still un finished.
  13. I learned everything I know about painting, and spitshading by hanging out in the shops and watching, never asking questions but just watchinig in silence, then going home and trying what i saw untill i got the results i was looking for. Whats the fun in some one telling you exactly what to do, where is the satisfaction in that. its much more rewarding to figure it out for yourself with trial and error.
  14. Dusty Neal does amazing work, he uses alot of line sizes you're right.
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    Im pretty tattooed, I've got work done by Ryan Arnold, Kyle Oxford, George Keeler, and Little Chico.
  16. Claudia De Sabe is really killing the girl head game as well
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