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  1. Ok, that's reassuring. There isn't any discoloration but it does make the lines in that area look a little wonky and wiggly from the raised bits. Maybe I've been overdoing the lotion or there's irritation from my clothes. I think I'll just leave it alone for a few days.
  2. Flash is one thing, but I've seen people justify copying custom tattoos by saying something along the lines of, "The artist should be flattered that I think their design is amazing enough to copy. It speaks to me exactly the way it is." There's no reasoning with that sort of person.
  3. It's been a little after two weeks, and pretty much everything's been doing all right with the exception of like two spots where a little bit of ink fell out, but this morning I noticed some slightly itchy, but non-red bumps along my outer thigh where some lining was done. Being the rational person I am, I immediately googled it and freaked about the possibility of MRSA. Really though, this is a normal thing, right? It's been healing like a dream otherwise; I'm well into my second peel and with a bit of lotion on, it looks great.
  4. I've been considering getting Carcharoth from The Silmarillion, complete with Beren's hand holding a Silmaril in his mouth. Or maybe something to do with potions in HP -- the ingredients to the Draught of Living Death?
  5. Thanks! You're so lucky to be in London -- so many good artists in that area. I'm sure your first will turn out amazing!
  6. I think I have a pretty shit pain tolerance because my entire thigh sucked, but dear lord, the area just above my knee, my kneepit, and right under my butt cheek were awful. I always see people saying that tattoos hurt less than you think they do. Liars, the lot of them!
  7. Hey everyone, so I got the first session in on my qilin yesterday! Would've posted earlier, but I was exhausted and passed the fuck out after getting some food in me. It was originally going to go on my arm and back but Greg didn't count on my arm being that small and the stencil looked really squished. He talked me into going with my thigh and I'm so glad I listened to him! I was also a bit apprehensive about some things like color, but he firmly (but kindly) put his foot down and told me why my ideas would not make for a good tattoo so I finally canned it and let him do his job. Couldn't
  8. astraelly


    In progress qilin done by Greg Whitehead at Scapegoat, PDX. 4.5 hours in. More color and background to come!
  9. Oh yeah, "oriental" comes with a lot of colonial baggage and not just with regard to Asians, east or otherwise (see: Edward Said's "Orientalism"). At best, it sounds old-fashioned and at worst, demeaning. Conflating East Asian with Asian is still super problematic though because it erases the vast majority of the continent. They're just different flavors of ethnocentrism, really, with the former centered in the West and the latter in cn/jp/kr. Anyways, I'm derailing...
  10. A lot of Chinese, Japanese, and Korean folks have a bad habit of using Asian to mean East Asian, myself included. Grouping the three regions kind of makes sense, since there's so much overlap in art, culture, values, etc., but the misuse of the word Asian is just ethnocentrism, plain and simple.
  11. So a regular healing regimen worked out fine? How long were your sessions? I want to say that this usually only happens for me when my wounds get infected or when I mess with them (e.g. scratch them) too much, but I'm still kinda paranoid.
  12. More questions inc! Has anyone here ever had issues with hyperpigmentation in scars and gotten tattoos? If any of my bug bites are bad enough to blister, I'll be left with a dark spot on my skin that can take years to disappear, especially if they're on my lower legs or feet. Same thing with deeper scrapes and some cuts, although those tend to fade to a light color after time. Is there anything I can do to make sure it heals well? Shorter sessions?
  13. Thanks for the welcome! I'll definitely post pictures when I get it. Peonies it is then! My parents haven't been the biggest help on the traditional art and meaning front, seeing as they aren't keen on me getting a tattoo in the first place, hah. Yeah! I have a lot of faith in him. Two months feels like way too long right now, hah. I already feel pretty lucky to get booked as early as I am and of course it's nothing on the 2-3 year waits I've been hearing for other guys, but I feel like I've been waiting forever to get this -- I just didn't know what I wanted before. Do any of you
  14. Oh wow, that tattoo is crazy. Do you happen to know what flowers or elements are typically portrayed with the qilin? I checked out "Chinese Art: A Guide to Motifs and Visual Imagery" by Patricia Bjaaland Welch, and she mentioned that they're often accompanied by peonies, but she doesn't mention anything else and I'm not sure if it applies to tattoos -- or even if it differs between Chinese and Japanese art. I'd been thinking peonies before because I just like the way they look, so it worked out well, but maybe there are other things I'm not considering. I did talk to Greg's assistant and she s
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