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  1. In progress with Shige, finishing with Shakamuni to complete my triad ....
  2. A bit late on this subject, sorry to bring it up. My view : If as an top tier artist (reads do not need to appeal as you are known) you want to avoid your work to be copied, then stop upload stuff on Instagram, Facebook etc. It will protect both artist and client.
  3. A bit way far but starting full back with Shige in Sept !
  4. Done, 2d sleeve by Shige : View image: IMG 5047 Next is back in November (or maybe earlier) to complete my mandala. Cheers
  5. There U go @Lance 3rd session done by Shige two days ago, View image: IMG 4374 View image: IMG 4383 View image: IMG 4384 View image: IMG 4385
  6. Update on second sleeve from YB Shige, went down two days ago: Postimage.org / gallery - IMG 4084, IMG 4085, IMG 4106, IMG 4107, IMG 4108 Outline, 10 hrs. another 7 to go, will post when finish in December, Cheers
  7. lame dude ... Got inked by Shige as well, i do not understand that either lol
  8. I always cover it up ! therefore no hassle about stares, like / dislike issues.
  9. I just go big with Shige until I feel its time to stop ... I do not think about anything else.
  10. redoid


    @hogg and others: thank you for the nice comments. I am not from Japan, Paris born (France), discovered Japan pretty early by myself at 16 yrs and since my early 20's, doing some back and forth for work ever since then. I am actually based in Tokyo, until when again I dont know, so I am rushing Shige to complete everything :)
  11. @Lance Its a huge project and right arm was just the beginning even though it took 50+ hours for this sleeve. Next is left, different deity, goes on par with the boddhisatva already on the right. And then, IF my wish comes true, I continue with full back, a special piece that will complete the full story. So for full completion, 2.5 yrs will be needed.
  12. @Lance @real meta Thank you very much for your kind words, I love so much what Shige is doing on me ... I cannot stop like this :)
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