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  1. Thank you, @Devious6 :) I really needed to hear that!
  2. I have been admitted to university, so after 10 years of working full time I'm now working and studying. I'm happy, but also scared I can tell you :)
  3. New addition to my "bird collection". Done by Pavla (Poppy Tattoo) during her guest spot in Prague. The photo is hers. Concerning the watercolor tattoos and their ability to hold, I can now compare the 2 year old tattoo with this new one because they are placed right next to each other. The older one still looks great and vivid. But I have very pale skin, and I almost never sunbathe.
  4. I have four birds now and only two other tattoos, soooo... I can see a pattern in it :)
  5. I would like too :) I very much admire his work. It just seems weird to me that there isn't almost any mention of him here. I found just one.
  6. Worship me, humans. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  7. Is there anyone here who has a tattoo by Phil Tworavens (@lustandconsume on Instagram)?
  8. Welcome! Your tattoos are great, looking forward to seeing other pieces :)
  9. Girl with a book tattoo by Bumpkin Tattoo, Trnava, Slovakia (https://www.facebook.com/bumpkintattoo/)
  10. Watercolour sparrow tattoo by Pavla Poppy, Slovakia (https://www.instagram.com/poppytattoo_art/)
  11. Sorry, I couldn't resist, the intense worries about moisturising kinda reminds me of: But in all seriousness, you really don't need to moisturise every day, especially the back, where skin is usually not dry at all. I use a lotion on my tattoos only when they get irritated (by clothes or something) or when I lotion whole body after bath, which is no often than once in two weeks or so.
  12. I have a fresh tattoo by them :) definitely recommend, but I live in the neighbour state , so the trip was easy :) They have very unique approach, they let you fill the questionaire about your wishes, favourite colours, things and your personality. Then Lucy draws the picture and sends it to you by e-mail. It is possible to tweak it. I didn't go through the process, because this one was an available drawing they put on the Facebook. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  13. Welcome! The design is nice, but I think there is an apostrophe missing in the text: it should be "Someone told me there's a girl out there" or "there is", not "theres". Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  14. They just don't know... A nurse was measuring my blood pressure, touched my skin and asked: would that wash off? Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  15. I have just sent an e-mail to my hope-to-be-next tattoo artist, mainly to see if he would be interested in the idea I consider. If it even happens, it will be next year, but I'm excited. My first foreign trip for a tattoo! In the meantime, I would like to add an owl to my left hand, I'm waiting for my tattoo artist who did the sparrow to set the dates for guest spots here in the city. It will be in the autumn I hope. My current tattoo hasn't healed yet and here I am, thinking about next two :) Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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