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  1. I can't really imagine any of my tattoos being offensive to anybody; unless that person has a pathological fear of ocean animals. Anytime someone is looking closely at any of my tattoos, I take it complimentary. I suppose it would be different if I had more aggressive imagery, but my tattoos have never been a real problem for me. I've also had a white collar job for most of my adult life, so they are not obvious unless I choose for them to be obvious.
  2. Welcome from a neighbor one state to your east! I'm new here too, but you'll find this place to be pretty welcoming.
  3. I like this thread! I've been guilty of judging and therefore also guilty of hypocrisy. I only have a few tattoos and like most from my generation, my first one was/is....uh, lacking. Just a stock piece picked from a board. The artist was fine and did OK work with the design she was given, so I don't blame her; only my limited imagination at the time. The tattoos that followed got a little bit better each time. Some of that is due to better artists working on me and some of that is due to me thinking beyond the stock stuff. The tattoo I'm currently in search of, should be the best quality to
  4. Face, throat, and anyplace where my wife is the only one allowed to play.
  5. My ink is for me anyway. I've traveled extensively and make a point of learning about the cultures that I wander through. I sample their cuisine, enjoy their music, and sometimes I even admire their art. I've been known to make Brazilian Acarajés at home, I thoroughly enjoy the opera of Don Giovanni, and I'm about to get inked with some Mayan glyphs to commemorate my Mayan Wedding. I do these things not because I want to steal or bastardize a culture, but because I embrace these things. I don't understand why people would be upset that their culture would be admired by those of other cultures
  6. Pinto's stuff looks real nice. Will have to visit there!
  7. I'll see if I can dig up some more wolf pics. That is one of our favorite shots just because it shows how big they can be. Lakota was only a little over a year old when that picture was taken; he is about 5 years old now and still very human-friendly. He lives in an enclosure with his three siblings. We refer to that enclosure as the lickatorium. :D - - - Updated - - - A couple more shots from the same moment. All I can find on my computer. I'll dig up some more this weekend. There are a ton of wolf sanctuaries around the country and most are desperate for volunteers. A little sweat is
  8. Thanks Joe Shit. Their galleries are impressive...added to the list. :cool:
  9. Animals? Got that well covered. Here is our extended family: Chyna, our fat bulldog Stinky, my 20 year old cat Spike in a do-rag followed by Spike and Arlo the miniature donkeys And finally my wife and Lakota the wolf, who lives at a sanctuary where we volunteer. He is our favorite!!!
  10. Ha! Sorry bout that. Busted a finger when the donkeys escaped a few weeks ago and it has impacted my ability to type well. Hunt and peck typing is just not my thing and proof-reading before minimum caffeine intake doesn't do much good. :D
  11. Mammoth was already on my list, so I'll definitely be paying a visit. I'll put Boulder Ink on the list too. Thanks for pointing me. I do appreciate it!
  12. Thanks irezumi! Doesn't have to be Denver. If you know of any others, I'm more than willing to travel a bit.
  13. Hello all! It's been a few years since my last tattoo. I miss the process, but finally found a good reason to get some new ink! Surprised my former girlfriend last week on a trip to Cozumel by changing her status from girlfriend to that four-letter word (wife). She suggested getting something to remember the event and I happily and quickly agreed. Looked at a few of the studios on Coz, but didn't find an artist that really impressed me, so now I'm trying to find one here in Colorado. While making a list of studios here in the Denver area to check-out, I found this site. Figured it couldn't hu
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