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  5. I got yesterday new tattoo on my "Prodigy leg"... The incredible, famous and terrible song "Smack my Bitch Up" has now find a place on my body For those who know the video clip, I assume I took care to carefully respect the atmosphere...
  6. Still continuing to fill my left leg with band "The Prodigy"' songs.... "OUT OF SPACE" and "RUN WITH THE WOLVES"... + the official Prodigy's ant logo - - - Updated - - - And also started my right calf with one realistic owl.... Only session 1... I plan to add below the owl one old haunted house, graves, dark dead tree and a full lighting moon... Can't wait for the owl is already awesome (at my point of view)
  7. Just a quick one for you Guys: I noticed a lot of comments mentioning "collect tattoo from different artists"... I have already covered a lot of my body surface with many tattoo but they are all coming from the SAME tattoer.... So I count on you now to propose a new nick name for people who "collect" tattoo and in addition coming from the same artist ??
  8. Vintage Bottle Poison on my bottom left leg..... Still to continue on this specifc area with famous and my favorite "THE PRODIGY" songs..
  9. Another famous Prodigy's song
  10. I know perfectly this hard dilemna of B&G or colors tattoo... As I never find a solution, I just more or less divided my body in 2 parts: B&G on one half and colours on the other one... :) Personally, even your "other work is full color" I think you should follow your first idea: "This will be the One" that I would like to translate by "If I must one day begin by a great B&G work, it will be probably this one.. and your love of this B&G tiger will offer you new future B&G project ideas ;) In your case, I always ask my tattoer what will be the best choice from his point of view and it was always a good decision at my eyes,too.
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