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Feast your eyes .



Heres a testament to niche shops and the pleasure in finding such gems .I found this on the Analog blog it's the shoga nihon ga ten (sumi) shop in Osaka ,Japan .


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You ever use that stuff?

I never have but worked with a guy that did for a while. Looked like a bitch to use. Can only be made in small batches. Like a days worth.

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Sumi ? Damn i read sushi and ordered a truck load ! kidding

I've only read about it Julio, mainly in American Tattoo Master .As for the shop itself apparently it's a semi -secret -sacred location which is revealed to the Bloodwork boys by Chris Trevino in Osaka.

Only thing like that in London involves masks and swingers .

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I've got a fair amount of that stuff jabbed into me. Chris Trevino grinds his own black sumi, as does Horitomo. Here's a pic I snapped of Horitomo prepping for my first tebori session:


I'm corny, but I really felt that it added something to the whole ritual.

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Are these the same ink sticks that are used for traditional japanese watercolour and calligRaphy?

Yes, I believe so, [MENTION=1595]Richo[/MENTION].

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