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first shader

Scott Sylvia


So this is one of two of my first shaders. I am not sure which one is the actual first one because I never marked them but they are from the same order one was millers and one was mine then he sold me the other later on.

i rebuilt this machine 10 times over the years. i use this one a lot now a days. it is primarily my big mag machine it really pushes and quick. don't dig it with 7 mags sort of turns it all to shag carpet " not really what I'm going for"

I had a third frame the in my great wisdom I cut the chuck into a quick loader style with the diagonal cut which promptly back fired on me so I cut it up and made the side brace which is silver soldered on" before I could braze" and has stayed on for well over 16 years I think I built it like this a couple of years ago. heres to you karl.....now eat a bag of dicks.


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