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so you can understand

Scott Sylvia


Ok, just so you can understand the sickness of my tattoo machines these are pictures of just the ones at the shop. I still have the machine shop where I build machines. I am going do organize these things I am hoping to build some display cases so I can get them all in one place. So retarded.


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I think people with O.C.D. are drawn to our profession like a moth to light. For me it is use to be car parts. Now it's painting, and for almost every other tattooer I know there is something that is obsessively collected.......?

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Literally snag one or two. He'll never notice.

When I got my first tattoo from Scott, I had like three machines in my arsenal. I thought that was a respectable amount. As he was setting up to tattoo me, Scott grabbed three machines out of a mess pile of machines. There musta been like 15 machines on his desk. I had never even SEEN that many machines on one table. Let alone knew that one person could own that many.

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