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moved by request-

Scott Sylvia


The following is what I wrote at the end of a thread that will be removed. By request, I've taken this part out and moved it here. If you have no idea what it's in reference to, lucky you. Don't worry about it.

Hey everyone,

Sorry I haven't been on here so much, I've been super busy painting and getting ready for an art show for the shop. Thank god we're now officially broken up with BumbleNuts.

To clear up the "private section" issue, I just want to say that it has never been my intention to have a private tattooer's section. My goal has always been to promote good tattooing in a positive way. There are other tattoo forums that have had private sections, and they've just turned into knitting circles with name calling and frat boy posturing. I'm not against clubs per se, I am a member of the Good Gents and the Oddfellows, but a private section would only hurt the long term health of our forum.

There are tons of ways for tattooers to talk to each other everyday, you could also PM each other on here. But this forum was never intended to teach techniques or explain how to tattoo, we just want to elevate the publics' knowledge, and our own, of the truly great things that are happening in tattooing, past, present, and future.

I especially want to thank Valerie and Stewart and anyone else who's tried to participate as a tattooer OR a collector on here and help cool this fire down. It's also the non-tattooers like Shawn Porter, gougetheeyes, Ursula, and Ms Rad that make LST great. Just like how we wouldn't be tattooers if we didn't have clients, we're interdependent both in the shop and on LST as well.

So yeah, Go Team! (Clearly I've drank a lot of good coffee today.)

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And clearly Dari edited this. Awesome though, and nice to get your perspective. Though I feel a little bashful for getting called out. In the best way possible, of course.

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