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Positive action that we can take regarding TLC and the Tattoo Schools

Scott Sylvia


Hey everybody, there is some light at the end of this Tattoo School tunnel, and it came in my mailbox today. I recieved a letter from a friend whom I know to be a credible and reliable source on the subject. Here are his suggestions on how we can direct our collective energy in a positive direction to help clean up this mess.



"Ok, here is the breakdown of the atrocious new show Tattoo School. The show as we all know is aired on TLC, TLC is part of the Discovery Channel Incorporation. DCI is owned by media giant Cox Enterprises Inc and is received in nearly 66 million homes and is co-owned with Tele-Communications Inc.. They also own part of the E! Entertainment Network, Rysher Entertainment, six television stations (which covers 8 percent of the United States), 16 radio stations, 18 daily newspapers, and several weekly newspapers. Cox Enterprises employs roughly 60,000 people Cox Enterprises, Inc.

In 1994 Cox Enterprises Inc. was worth $3 billion and is now worth nearly $15 billion.

TLC bought the show from Touch Productions, which produces Tattoo School. Touch productions is a massive Production Company from the UK who is behind a slue of television shows and documentaries for BBC and many of the largest UK and United States Networks. They are not worth as much as Cox but are still up in the hundreds of millions and climbing. TOUCH PRODUCTIONS

The tattoo industry, even if every single last one of us banded together, could not make a tiny dent on TLC or Touch Productions. It would take tens of millions of petition signatures to raise enough awareness for any action on their end to take place. Do not be discouraged, there is still hope. Remember, it all trickles down (or in this case, UP). TLC purchases the show from Touch Productions, Touch hires a crew to film the show at its location of the Tattoo School. If you eliminate the Tattoo School out of the equation, there would be no show for TLC to air. The Tattoo School is a real business and is well within our reach to do something about and create waves for them. It would take a lot less signatures on a petition to raise enough awareness about a local business teaching without licenses and keeping an unsanitary environment according to health standards. THIS IS WITHIN OUR REACH PEOPLE. Artists and collectors need to unite against the Tattoo School, If we would have focused all our attention and time towards the Tattoo Schools as we have towards TLC we might easily have damned the Tattoo School’s for good. The executives at TLC are most likely toasting champagne glasses to all the media and free promotion we have given them, but what’s done is done.

Let’s start campaigning against the Tattoo Schools; we can do this. There is one in Upstate New York and one in San Diego California. If you live near these areas I urge you to go to City Hall and write a complaint about these schools, even a letter or email to the city website will suffice for those who don’t live close enough to make an appearance. If you sit around and keep the attitude that someone else will do this for you then you do not deserve the gift of being a tattooer or wearing one. All the information is listed below and it will only take a small portion from your day to speak out in what you believe in.

Tattoo School in upstate NY

This is the link to the City of Schenectady Council where you can write a letter and copy and paste it to every councilman’s email address Schenectady::City Council

Or you can email Kathy Finch who is in charge of human resources at:

[email protected]

Tattoo School in Escondido, San Diego"


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Scott, I'm happy to draft a letter and get some input. I'll post on here before sending out to the council members and urge others to do the same. Keep you posted.

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I am a native to the area. I moved to philadelphia, but I am active in this. I have a lot of info for those in need.

I just got off the phone with the Schenectady dept of health director. He suggests the letters be addressed to the NYS dept of health. They are currently revising statewide regs and could use advise from professionals.

He directed me to the Bureau of Public Sanitation. He is generally apposed to the school, but has no resources. He says he will put my recommendations on the desk of his boss. He was very pleasant to talk to, and does want to do something about it.

I have also talked with the dept of education official that approved the curriculum that allowed this school to be lisenced. He is out of the loop and believes that the curriculum is adequate for an intro to tattooing.

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The one in San Diego was closed already because of the out cry from the show I believe. I was just there last week, and that was the story I got.

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Tattoo You & Body Piercing Studio & School

(209) 869-8338

2776 Patterson Rd, Riverbank, CA 95367 Here is another school location in CA that is putting out work that hurts the industry. Yet another Tattoo School but not one real tattoo artist.

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