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Most fortunate person I know




Well..I've never written a blog entry before but this is as good a time as any.

I'm an apprentice..And as I read through posts about people having a hard time getting an apprenticeship I can't help but feel ridiculously fortunate to be in my position..

I have a university degree that I obtained doing what other people said I should do with my life.. worked my ass off.. then followed my heart..

I worked 3 jobs.. day job, side job, and working for free at the shop almost every evening..did all I could to help out, watch, learn, lug, clean, run errands..anything I could..and I loved every single minute of it just feeling greatful to have a shot at learning from a great artist that I respect as both a tattooer and a person.

I'm getting going into what I would call the beef of my apprenticeship now things are progressing and it's an exciting adventure every day that I do not take for granted.

My only reservation is networking with other artists- which is why I am here on last sparrow. I'm in a small town, and it is definitely clicky in this area with artists.. I'm fairly introverted socially and reserved until i get to know people..so I just keep quiet on that level.lol. This is a more comfortable way for me to do that :) Would love to network and see other folks work ( i always love seeing art/different takes and approaches on things)

as for me i'll just be plugging away daily trying to learn as much as I can and improve my art as much as possible




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Congratulations on a thus-far fulfilling apprenticeship! I live in a town where you can't throw a rock without hitting a good artist. This has both positive and negative effects, but I find that most artists really want to share a collective vision of some kind. I think that tattooers in particular can relate to this, as a tattoo is the culmination of the vision between artist and client. Anyway! What I was going to suggest is maybe (if it's ok with your mentor and the rest of the shop) start an art night where you open the doors to anyone who wants to come draw or paint or talk about art with you guys. Cliques are both annoying and useless. If you can draw a group of people who can see beyond stupid things like popularity, I think everyone involved would grow a lot and make some new friends.

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Thank you!

Thats a great idea , Im not so sure it would work here - it can be that far gone..but I wishhh it would - I would love to learn some little tips and tricks even just by seeing where they start to draw certain things - not to copy it just to ad tools to my tool belt..

Do you tattoo as well? If so have you tried a group/ has it worked and or gone well?

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Fuck it, who cares! If nothing else, just do it with the people at your shop and keep the doors open. Maybe hang up some fliers or pass them out. Just my opinion, but I feel like people who do really care about making art(certainly over politics) would show up for something like that because it benefits both the individual and the community.

All art is basically stealing ;)

I do tattoo, and there is a weekly paint night at a shop about a mile from my house. There is also a drawing group out in East Oakland that gets together on a weekly basis as well, and those have both had great turnouts. It's just really cool to be in a room full of creative energy at work, you can totally feed from it and give it back to others.

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I think if we put out fliers we would end up with a bunch of D&D people and anime fiends... do you have it just open to tattoo artists or to everyone??:)

I like that idea..I wish I was in your area!! I would love that kind of thing!!

i like your positivity -i need that this week.lol. thank you:)

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