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Another day another dollar- Jail tattoos



Home again home again, reflecting on my day.

I have once again been blown away , and really kind of disheartened by jail tattoos.lol

In the past 2 weeks I have seen several full sleeves of jail tattoos done with sewing neeldles and playstation motors, etc.. reallyyyyy ghetto setups..

What perplexes and disheartens me is that this work I'm seeing often has more attention to detail and better shading than some of the stuff ive seen out of shops as of late lol..sigh.

The other half of me was awe-inspired by the artistry that can be accomplished with so little.. Grass roots stuff notmatter how you look at it. Human ingenuity..

I'm sure I will get used to seeing these things, and the contrast, but for now sometimes things still catch me off guard.

As for me..recent tattoo (I'm an apprentice. Learning): Cat skull sugar skull


Call me inspired.. seeing art done with that little really raises the bar for what we should be able to accomplish with fancy modern equipment, meters, inks, and training


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When you've got nothing but time, you learn. When the consequences of poor work are not the loss of customers, or the boss yelling, but the very real possibility of a beat-down, or a shank in the yard, then you learn.

The Graybar is a hard taskmaster, and you learn fast or die.

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