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Halloween Tattoo Flash or Flesh



I know for us in the Bay Area for awhile Freddy Corbin and other tattooers at his shop Tattoo 13 in Oakland on Friday the Thirteenths would have tattoos for $13 that you could choose from flash the tattooers made. I know many other shops elsewhere now do this as well, does anyone by chance have the history/tales on this?

Anywho, this has now taken a new spin around here, SF Bay Area, over the years and there are Valentines Day tattoo and Halloween tattoo specials at various shops. So last night before going out I decide to swing by Let It Bleed Tattoo Parlor's ( http://letitbleedtattoo.com/home.html ) in the Tenderloin in San Francisco for their Halloween Tattoos for $31. After hanging out with Danny Boy for a little while I let him choose which one he hadn't yet done from their forty-three choices (most I have ever seen for one of these events) and he choose an Allan Poe one from the flash. So in the spirit of tattoo stories and tattoo pictures at Last Sparrow Tattoo thought I'd share...........

Until next time....have a good day


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oliver peck is the first person i know who started doing the 13 tattoos been doing it fr ever. they also tattoo 24 hours as well. thats how he did the world record thing twice. hes a little crazy...or a lot i dont know anymore. oh what the fuck is on danny boys head? a doo rag?

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Danny Boy bought one of those kids costumes then squeezed in it and wrapped duct tape around to hold it on so skeleton mask on his head, hahaha. Thanks for the history lesson holmessss.

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We had a Hallowe'en special this year but actually had a low turnout rate because of Hallowe'en's eve falling on a Saturday night. Almost all our regular participants in fun flash days were hung over, too tired, or still our partying! Hahahah! We never do special prices. I just don't htink it's right and has never really sat well with me, although I understand that everyone's shop runs under different mantras... But we do try to make sure all the flash can be done near our minimuym price and try to sell a few $200-$400 pieces in there too, as there's usually a taker!

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