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Richmond Tattoo Festival 2010...quick little post

Jennifer Stell



So, I've never been to VA.... A lot of history in our country here, and I had no idea how many people I knew that are from this place... But, I had been asked to come do a pageant at Mr. Eason's show like two -three years ago... I declined, I was west coasting it, and it wasn't cost affective, and I had no idea about the community out here or the market.

But... We were busier then a one legged man in an ass kicking contest. Richard and I were splitting a booth with Keet D'arms, which was cool, but then we get there and our entire row is full of people that were like family... It was cool. I'm not used to that sort of familiarity, I'm pretty shy, and tend to stick to work, or keep to myself. But um, the music wasn't all crazy, the PA wasn't over used...Richard and I were both pretty hesitant, cause we've never been to that show... But all I gotta say is I have mad respect for Billy Eason.

It seems I have less and less time to work on the computer, I spend most of the time watching him work, or making sure all things are set for the tattoo to be done comfortably, and the client to be somewhat cozy enough to sit still.

I was kinda bummed about a client taking an idea I had to another artist, but whatev's...

But offerning coffee, shorting on the minimum claiming broke, then seeing ya down the ailse getting my idea tattooed on ya by a different artist ehh, I lost respect right then and there. Don't lie.

I have a million ideas, and if someone snags one or two, ehhh, I guess they were hard up, and essentially by telling that person, I am giving them the idea, it's not intellectual property... Just a bummer, when you get shorted on a few levels, but I am just a student, got lots to learn, even with a decade under my belt in a shop...

Speaking of.... I have to get the truck ready to go to DC, Richard is guesting up at Jinx Proof, and I need to get a jump on it while he's still snoozing.... This is not a proper entry, when I get more coffee, and a better mind set, I will try to delete and post a new and more objective review.... It was a good time though, I saw some good looking tattooing go on. And I thought smoking in lobbys was banned everywhere.... It is in Vegas...but Virginia ain't Vegas.

Now it's time to scare the old people in the lobby raiding the bananas, and bagels.... After DC we attended Billy's Funeral... Mad respect, and love for that man forever....

He went out like a true hustler... Grip of bills, and boots still on. RIP Billy E. You will be loved forever.



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