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I got a lot of Catching up to do...

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Jennifer Stell


ATX Con, San Angelo Con, SLC Con, The Dallas Visit, the Houston Hell Week, and the Sober Situation...

Yup Me and the Husband are cleaning up... For good, and for real. Both of us are over a week clean. And with that under our belts and the support of our family, (Tattoo Family & my Folks), the sky is the limit, and the only indulgence we partake in is cigarettes, (for now)....

Time to grow up, we have a new baby on the way, and by baby I mean tattoo shop.

Oh and I am slacking on getting my T.A.M. articles in.... Yeah get ready for some crazy shit there... I'm sure Crash will be editing his ass off.

haha, until next time. Cheers. From the Stells... Currently in Texas.

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