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My favorite past time (and it's not tattooing!)...




DISCLAIMER: I am not a tattoo artist, I'm young, and still have plenty of blank skin left. I do not claim to be the elite know-it-all of tattoo culture (nor have any right to be one,) I'm just throwing my opinion out there for the sake of some good ol' fashioned shit talking.

Anyways, now that all that's out of the way... I'm not naming names but I know quite a few of you LST'ers enjoy this great activity. If these things bother me, I can only imagine how much they bother some of you that have been involved in tattooing for decades.

First of all, what the fuck is up with these:


As if the fake tattoo sleeves weren't bad enough now you can get half a body suit too with no time and minimal money?! Let alone, how awkward must it be taking that off to screw whatever tool you bring home from the douchy club you wear that to that thinks those are real tattoos!! Hahaha wow.

Which brings me to my next picture...


I'd like to thank Jaybird for sharing this gem to the world via Facebook. I don't know where you saw this but I think every respectable shop needs this in their window!

And finally, just because this one made me laugh:


And completely unrelated, hopefully I'll see some of y'all at the upcoming SF convention. Or at least at this supposed opening party hosted by Blackheart.




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Jake, thanks for your first blog as it is so fitting for your personality. They were all new photos for me except the "epic failure". look forward to your next tattoo blog post............

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