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Ordained by the Universal Life Church

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Gia Dobson


So... I became an ordained minister via the interweb a few weeks back so that I could officiate my friends wedding which is this Saturday 1/15. Im so excited! I've taken the job very seriously and worked diligently to create a ceremony that fits my friend and her fiance. I am NOT quoting the bible or any Oprah approved poets. I AM quoting The Clash and have worked in the phrase "the peanut butter to her jelly". I actually feel like this could be a new calling for me. We'll see if it goes anywhere from here, but for now, Im just super stoked to be there for my friend that I love so very much and to be able to facilitate this great day in her life.

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Word, like the peanut butter line and I think everyone will get a good laugh on that one.....have fun this weekend.

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if Jackson and i ever tie the knot, the word "burrito" i'm sure will be incorporated into the ceremony some how.

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"Unlike the Destiny's Child song 'Bootlylicious,' I think that it should be obvious to all gathered here today that the groom is ready for this jelly."

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