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The San Francisco Giants

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Going to the NLCS! Wow. It has taken me 8 years to get over the depression related to the 2002 World Series. But the Giants are ready to make a comeback. Game 4 of the NLDS was torture. Wait, lemme rephrase that. The entire SERIES was torture. The anxiety from game 4 was so high that I was unable to sleep, just thinking of the upcoming series vs. The Phillies. Game 1 on Saturday promises to be one of few hits, even less runs, and more torture and anxiety. It's Halliday vs. Lincecum aka The Freak. One just pitched a no hitter and the other a 2 hitter. Talk about stellar pitching. What we can definitely count on are beards running amuck (Fear the Beard). And if you think Brian Wilson is a nut, just watch this interview of him on Jim Rome (go Gauchos!) is Burning.


The Sucka Free is about to show Philly how we roll! Go Giants!!!

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So the Giants continued their streak of torturing their fans. Another 1 run deciding game. It's rough being a Giants fan. Although the pitching was supposed to be the highlight of the game, my vote goes to Cody Ross. Not one but TWO home runs in this game. Can you say clutch?!! Phillies tried to make a comeback but crazy Brian Wilson put an end to those hopes. Giants 1 Phillies 0. Hopefully tomorrow is more of the same. Go Gigantes!

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