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Brian Sullivan

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my names brian im a firefighter in the DC metro area. Currently have about 15 hours of work, getting ready to sit for 7 hours next thursday, and then 7 hours on the day after(friday) to start a chest piece I'm doing.

Welcome to LST, 14 hours of work in 2 days on your chest... What shop and by whom?

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Jinxproof is full of great artists.

And welcome! You'll get beast points if you make it through both 7-hour sessions on your chest, but we won't judge you if you tap out. :) Please post pics!

I'll have to check out the shop...haha yeah hoping that I can make it through both sessions...also worried about how I'll feel/how i'm gonna sleep friday night after both are done...should be interesting.

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You'll probably sleep like shit. After all, part of getting tattooed is the awkward sleeping/showering.. makes it all that much more worth it in the end!

Yeah definitely slept like shit the first night...its gotten better now. Ended up about 6 hours each day just couldn't last for 7. Ended up doing the right chest(dragon) on thursday and the left (phoenix) on friday....still have probably 8-10 hours left till it's completed...both will go up over my back.




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