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I joined this forum to try and educate myself a bit before I approach a tattooist that's been recommended to me.

I feel like a newbie although I have some tattoos (both upper arms, upper back), all black tribal & celtic nonsense. I acquired them in quick succession in my late teens (circa 98/99). They are very generic and impersonal. I don't hate them but I don't love them either. I had them done at a time when I was trying hard to fit in and therefore opted for stereotypical 'blokey' tattoos like those of people I knew at work etc.

I'm now in my thirties and have a much better sense of what appeals to me visually and what reflects my personality. I like folk art and bright colours. I'm not interested in macho tattoos; I want something beautiful.

I've also figured out that as a sometimes health support worker/florist/lifelong student, I'm never going to have to worry about visible tattoos being unsuitable for a corporate environment. If I've not climbed onto the career ladder by this age, I'm not going to do it. So, I've been thinking a lot about being tattooed again.

I'm mainly thinking of an upper chest piece. I want something brightly coloured and based on Polish papercuts (wycinanki) - birds and flowers. Something like this -



(Not enclosed in a circle though, but that's an idea of the birds)

So, I was wondering if people thought something like that would translate into a tattoo well and whether there was anything I should bear in mind with this project ?

And also wondering if my at least one of my upper arm designs (a triangular celtic knot about 5 inches across) might be reworked/adapted into a half sleeve with something like this incorporated;


I hope it's ok to ask these sort of questions here. I would genuinely appreciate any advice you can offer me.

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Welcome to LST and these questions sound are perfectly suited for LST.

The easiest answer is find a good tattoo artist and they should be able to make it happen as long as you are not trying to put too much idea into a tattoo. Give them your idea(s) and let them work with it as they will know what will work work good and what won't.....where are you thinking of going? Maybe we can suggest some tattooers? Where are you located?

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hey doubtful guest welcome aboard. I began getting scribble in early 90s from friends and neighborhood guys only to cover it up with impersonable trible in late 90s. It may be a long road if you want to start over but you found the right place

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