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Hi everyone!!!

fiery scorpio

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Hello to all tattoo artists and collectors here. I'm Jon, 37, from Manila, Philippines. I had my first tattoo way back last April 12, 1995. Before that, I could never imagine myself having tattoos because I come from a strictly conservative family and community here in the Philippines. My first tattoo was a tribal sun around my left nipple. I was only curious at first to have a tattoo. But my artist warned me that once I feel the pleasure of the pain of the needles on my skin, I will be coming back for more. Just laughed at the idea at first. But true enough, I came back in October 1995 for a tribal design on my right upper arm. This time the tattoo artist had a laugh at me saying that his words were prophetic. At that moment I realized that I will be starting a life-long journey of being a modified person.

The idea of becoming heavily tattooed scared me at first. But through the encouragement of my artists and other modified friends, I came to accept the new me. It was a total turn around for me, like my old self died and a new tattooed self being born.

After 17 years, I have collected more tattoos but none of them are visible to the public. The farthest tattoo on my upper arms are 3 inches above my elbows and none yet on legs.

I'm toying on the idea to have my first public tattoo on my lower legs. I'm still gathering enough guts and courage to have them because visible tats will surely shock my family. If only I could start having even one large highly visible tattoos on my lower legs, I have no other way but to go all the way to full leg piece. Just need enough confidence and encouragement to start this project. Hope The Last Sparrow group can help me in this.

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haha jon welcome and I too have a plan to be covered in tattoos before i have one visible. I see myself having full back, thigh,torso and upper arms covered before i get a visible.

why dont you upload your tattoos into your gallery so we can see your work

again welcome aboard good to have you

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