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Lurk hard.


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Hey y'all.

First of all, absolutely love the forum. So glad I stumbled upon LST. Such a great resource. Been lurking these boards for a minute now. Been itching to chime in and throw in my .02 cents.

Second, I am super fortunate to live in a city/region that is so rich in tattoo history and culture. I most definitely do not take this for granted.

Looking forward to contributing to the boards!


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are you by chance @lurkhard on instagram?

Hey sorry I don't log in often. I keep forgetting I'm a member! I usually lurk still, haha.

And I'm not @lurkhard on Instagram, but I wish I was. They are a skate apparel brand from Sacramento.

- - - Updated - - -

Hi CABS! another bay area member! welcome!

Thank you! I finally logged in again! I forgot I had an account. Just so accustomed to my lurky ways.

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