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Books for sale! Ed Hardy TattooTimes, Rock Of Ages, Tattooing The Invisible Man .


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Ed Hardy Books for sale

I have doubles of all these rare and out of print books that I wish to sell.

A few of them are in the original packaging others are all in good condition no tears etc but not showroom.

I have priced them below what you would find them on Ebay or The Book Mistress, I can combine shipping, items will be shipped from Sacramento CA

Eye Tattooed America $50 USED good condition

White TattooTime Art From The Heart $80 NEW (a few copies)

Red TattooTime Tattoo Magic $30 NEW (a few copies)

Blue TattooTime Music & Sea $80 USED good condition

Yellow TattooTime Life & Death $80 USED good condition

Tattoo Flash (Big Red Softcover) $130 NEW

Rock Of Ages (Small Hym book cover)$200 NEW

Permanent Curios $30 NEW

Tattooing The Invisible Man $200 NEW

I also have a few copies of Outlaw Biker Tattoo from Mar 1993

Featuring Don Ed Hardy, Dan Higgs, Alex Binnie, Marcus Pacheco, Elio Espana, Timothy, Jeff Rasier, Kiwi Kim $12

I also have a VHS of Micheal O Stearns DE Hardy Tattoo Art Gallery from 1988 was $50 when sold then -$100

I have a few more items I will post have a new Greg Irons book but unsure of price as they are going for crazy money on Amazon

Payment via Pay Pal duncanvan70@yahoo.com I will be back at my home Monday 9th July and will send any items out on Tuesday 10th once the shipping is worked out, will combine shipping.

Email me or PM with any questions ~ Duncan

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