good references on the history and art of japanese tattooing

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Hello currently from Sydney Australia , but a New Zealander at heart ,

im new to this but looks like a great website!

Im 20 and have about 6 tattoos but many many many more to come

Im currently saving to go travelling ultimately to get tattooed by the best

learn about different cultures tattoo styles and history and learn as much as i can.

I love tattooing it is a passion of mine and always has been

Any way my first inquiry, Does any body have any good references on the

history and art of japanese tattooing i have recently become very intrigued

and would love to study it more to have a greater understanding.

Thanks :)

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Hey and welcome to LST :) When I get home I'll post some suggestions up for you. And always awesome to see another Australian (Ok Kiwi, but you know what I mean haha) on the board!

- - - Updated - - - has some good stuff on there (also some crap but you'll get that anywhere) and Gomineko as @MadeIndelible mentioned have some great books available

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