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Greetings from Arizona

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Just wanted to introduce myself, my name is Aaron. I have been tattooing five years after completing a two year apprenticeship that began in 2005. I spent nearly six years of networking to get my opportunity to join this great trade. Tattooing has consumed my life and I am grateful to have it. There is a lot of great interview material on this site and I must commend Scott Sylvia and his tream creating such a great blog. Regardless of how myself or anyone else feels about the internet and technology and its impact on the trade I think this site offers a lot of positive information for artists and fans alike. I look forward to participating.

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    • Who knows! It hurt a lot though, so I'm not sure if I want to do it again. This piece took me about 6 hours of tattooing plus one hour consult/aftercare. I'm super happy with it! (I hope pictures are okay in this thread, though it looks more crisp IRL)
    • You have more of a chance of F***ing it up than making it better if you start monkeying around with it. Go see a really good artist to get some ideas of what to add around it. There's nothing wrong with that tattoo. 
    • I'm healing a back of calf, about half in the ditch right now myself. Thin, tender skin. I don't see anything that looks like an infection.
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