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Chemical Burn

Just another introduction thread that'll probably go ignored

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My name's Imogen and I'm from Ireland. I'm a collector at the moment but I've wanted to be a tattooist since my early teens. I'm actually planning on dropping a CV into a tattoo shop tomorrow so wish me luck with that! I'd only be working at the counter but it's a foot in the door.

I got my first tattoo when I was 17, which wasn't my best ever idea in hindsight. I'm currently working on my leg sleeve- Aasgaardreien by Peter Nicolai Arbo but changed around slightly to fit my leg.

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I don't mean to ignore these threads. For a while I was responding to all of them. After a while you realize that 95% of the introductions threads are posted by folks who disappear shortly there after. Some times it feels like talking to yourself.

All that being said, welcome to LST. I hope you find the forum useful and informative. I also hope you stick around for awhile.

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I think it's the same everywhere. I don't really like starting these threads myself but some places seem to find it rude if you don't.

I'll try not to make three posts and then disappear.

Yeah, it's a weird but helpful thing. I wish you luck in your desire to be a tattooer. Lets see some of your tattoos.

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    • it's not as bold in the linework and saturation as I would want,but it's not a bad tattoo.
    • no,it won't harm it in that short time while moving,the sun really won't hurt the tattoo at all, the main thing is it hurts to be in the sun is all. but it doesn't really damage the tattoo,I wouldn't sit and sun tan for hours LOL you'll be fine with shorts on.
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