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Chicago Tattoo Arts Convention

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Since I'm not going to get anything done, and am not a tattooist myself, no. I thought about it but don't really want to spend the $20. I have a friend going who's going to be sitting for most of Sat getting his arm done but otherwise don't know anyone else going.

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It was interesting, Else. Don't know that I'd get tattooed at a convention, but it was interesting!


I gotta say the people attending worked really hard at being polite, and I didn't see or hear of a single testy exchange. That said, the promoters need to work with the venue to get a little more room. The aisles were just too damn crowded, no way around it. If you stopped to look at something, or to talk to someone, bang-instant traffic jam.

Ah well. IT was a trip, and I did see quite a bit of interesting work there.

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