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I've lurked a bit, so I guess I should say hello.

From NC, obsessed with my dog, work out too much, and just dipping my toe into the tattoo world. I have 4 at this point and looking to expand on the most recent (probably in the fall). I can speak with experience to anybody who wants to know what happens to tattoos when you gain or lose weight. 2 of my 4 don't look quite like they should after a major life change and weight loss. Think hard about those rib cage pieces folks.

When I figure out how to add pictures, I will.

- - - Updated - - -

img_0381_thumb.jpg img_0378_thumb.jpg img_0225_thumb.jpg

Nothing fancy, but personal, and no, not off the flash wall ;) The prints are my actual dog and cat's. After the shit I've been through in the last few years they're the only things that have still stood with me.

No pics of the others, but I have scripture (2 Timothy 1:7) on my ribcage and a tortoise (Alfie from Esio Trot by Roald Dahl) on my hip.

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