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My laser journey


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I had this ugly tattoo done on my back about 11 years ago and it's been a pretty miserable experience. I hate the way it looks on me, I was young, stupid and had no idea what I was getting myself into.

I'm really embarrassed about posting a photo here because I know how bad it looks but hopefully with patience I'll have an awesome coverup sometime soon and can put this all behind me.

When I first had the tattoo done it needed to be touched up and so I've had a lot of ink put into this tattoo. 6 months after it was done I had a couple of laser treatments that didn't seem to do anything at all and it was so bloody painful I couldn't continue and so suffered with it for a long time. Last year I decided enough was enough and have gone to a different laser clinic with the Q switched laser and have had 4 treatments so far. The previous place took ages to laser over it but this place only takes about 10 minutes which is more bearable. So far I've had some slight fading and there are some white spots in the tattoo which is really encouraging.

After laser treatment it gets red and blistery but the blisters are small compared to some of the photos I've seen here which I'm grateful for.

I have no idea how many more sessions I'll need for a coverup, will be speaking with the artist soon to start planning a coverup. I'm not really sure what I want it covered with yet I'm just focusing on getting it lasered every 6 weeks.

Pre laser:


After 4 laser sessions (last one 7 days ago)


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Looks great. The total number of treatments will depend largely on what your cover up piece is and who's doing it. Most people have 2-5 treatments for cover-ups, waiting a minimum of 8-10 weeks after the last one before getting a tattoo.

The good news is you're very fair and the tattoo is all black, so you'll see some pretty dramatic fading about a month after your 2nd treatment.

Keep us updated with progress!

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Thanks Mike :)

This is my fourth laser treatment. I'm not getting the dramatic results that Scott or Ian has had but there is some lightening. I reckon it will take a few more sessions before I can even start to think about what to cover it up with.

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