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Hello from the Seattle area


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I debated getting a tattoo for quite a while, finally took the plunge a couple years

back with a pun on a kanji character. I remember thinking half way through it

that I didn't think I'd get more. But by the time I was driving home, I was feeling like

I'd earned something and that I had to do it again.

I've got tattoos now:


- that first one (the "way" character from kendo, crossed out)

- the laughing wolf in my avatar (designed by my daughter)

- the word "timshel" from East of Eden

A little larger:

- Triumph Speed Triple motorcycle

- a Canadian maple leaf with a buffalo in it (since I grew up on the border in Buffalo, have lots

of family on both sides of the border and my favorite thing is riding my motorcycle up into

BC & sometimes Alberta.

Now talking to my favorite artist about a larger Firefly sci-fi tattoo. Planning to get some

while travelling, e.g., joining the Bristol Tattoo Club in England.

Looking forward to talking with you all!

Don (@donbcivil on Twitter)

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I'm liking that laughing wolf, what's the meaning behind it?

Thanks! I've always thought wolves are awesome, strong predators but social, pack animals.

And canines have a sense of humor....was going for something that's a bit of a predator

but not taking itself too seriously.

Also, representing family. So, my daughter is a budding artist and I asked her to come up with

the logo and she completely designed it. She knew it was for a tattoo but when I actually came

home with it inked it kind of wigged her out a bit. But she's getting used to it and talks about

possibly designing tattoos or even getting one herself. She rocks.

What's the ink in your avi?

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