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black and grey hello


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Hello - just trying to follow the rules here and do an introduction! Been lurking for a bit - looks like everyone's got some nice tattoos on here. Maybe I should have checked this place out before I got started.

I live in the South (US) and have been getting black and grey tattoos so far. I am interested in tattoo removal, particularly for cover ups. Hoping to post over in that forum at some point if I'm allowed to.

I don't know how many tattoos I have, but it's more than I should have in the time I've been getting them. I got a snake recently - pretty happy with it.

Obviously I don't care to say too much on the internet, so I'll leave it at that!

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haha I wish I had Nate around to do all my tattoos - not that I don't like what I have. no, the snake is the only tattoo I have from him. the other stuff on my torso is from Russ Abbott and my arm/shoulder peeking out is Kurt Fagerland.

thanks for the welcome.

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