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Hey all, I'm a 29 year old locomotive engineer working out of Shreveport, LA at the moment. I've been collecting tattoos for around a year or so now and I'm glad I found this community because it looks like one of the few resources for good tattoo information that I've seen online. Most of my work so far has been done by James Clements (in fact I just had my chest finished by him last night) and the others at Fortune and Glory in town. Now that they're planning on closing their doors and moving on I'm hoping to find more good artists in my area.

I'm a fan of traditional and neo-traditional work and if anyone has any suggestions for good artists in that vein that are working within day trip distance of me I'd love to hear about them. In the meantime, I'll be looking through the galleries and threads for inspiration.


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I believe he's going to be bouncing around doing different guest spots for a while. He hasn't told me any specific plans about where he's planning on settling. Thanks for the links, I hadn't thought about looking in Lafayette.

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