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Wearing shoes with a fresh ankle tattoo?

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So i made an awesome decision a while ago (heavy sarcasm there) and got a scratcher tattoo on my ankle. The problem i have now, is that i dont think i can get it fixed, because i've now moved to a place where i have to wear shoes (UK). Is there any way around this, or will it infact be ok to get it fixed, and wear shoes over the fresh tattoo? I've looked for advice through google and stuff, and found about half say yes and half no, but it also seems like half the people are just guessing, with no real knowledge or experience on the subject, so i thought i might get better answers here.

By the way, the tattoo is right on the side of my ankle, along the Achilles tendon, so it wouldnt rub too badly i dont think. Any advice? I would really like to get this thing fixed, its not gonna be an amazing tattoo ever, but i would like it to be passable AS a tattoo atleast. Thanks for any advice.

p.s. i know im an idiot for getting it, it was a spur of the really stupid moment thing, so im not asking for peoples opinions on how stupid i am, just advice on whether or not i can wear shoes over a fresh tattoo, thanks.

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i wore shoes after getting my ankle and my feet tattooed. i just made sure they were loose around the area or did not cover the area being tattoo. i guess this is easier to do though when all you wear is vans (breathable canvas and the option of slip ons).

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