Some advice on a tattooer in the NYC area

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I have a friend who wants to get this painting of Don Quixote and Sancho Panza tattooed.


He wants to do it black and grey (nothing remaining of the color background), and I think he's leaning toward his back or a shoulder.

That said, I'd like to steer him toward a tattooer in the NYC area who can do something with this that would be rad and make a good tattoo. I've been preparing my friend for the fact that he'll need to be flexible with the image and that it might need to go through some translation in order to make a good tattoo, but I also want to make sure I suggest some really solid people to do the work.

My tastes lean much more toward the American traditional end of things, so I don't want to point him in the wrong direction due to my lack of knowledge.

Any help at all would be fantastic. Thanks!

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Wow. That image is gigantic. Oops.

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