Greetings from Texas!

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My name is Alex Kass and I am a tattooer in San Antonio, texas. I work at a shop called electric panther tattoo.

I enjoy tattooing, tattoo history, creating happiness in people through tattooing, a little bit of painting, tacos, sign painting,

and other semi-related things.

I've actually had an account since 2010 but I've been pretty absent from the forum for the most part. I have watched a whole

Mess of the interviews that Scott puts up here and they are great.

It is my goal in life to be the best me that I can be, do the best job I can, and have as much fun as possible without harming anyone. Obviously nobody's perfect but I still try to do my best.

My purpose of reading this forum is to understand different people's perspectives, whether it be tattooers or clients.

Please feel free to talk to me anytime, inbox me or whatever.

Hope y'all are doing well and ill talk to you soon!

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Hello Bud... That is all you can do in life, and try to be the best that you can.... I think it is great you want to be the best for people. One thing from a client perspective, be honest!! always.... Why I say that is some tat artist will do jobs even when they know in the end the client will regret it down the road. If you think it is a bad idea on the front end tell them... if they still want to do it then it is on them.

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