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  1. @motsimus thanks so much, i appreciate it.
  2. @Duffa goddamn are they! San Antonio is fullll of great Mexican cuisine, as we're only 2-3 hours from mexico... But these things are just great. A real treat for sure.
  3. I've got a sealed sailor jerry flash vol 2... Totally brand new.
  4. I recently found a place on the south side of San Antonio called rolando's super tacos... I am now eating there weekly even though it's on the complete opposite side of town. Here are some photos from this taco joint... Not only are these things huge but they also taste incredible! We were also so pumped we got super taco tattoos. My friend Greg was visiting from Lancaster so he and I traded and then my ollady and buddy got one too. Cheers!
  5. Man I just realized I already posted one of these quite a while back! I have a terrible memory! Haha.
  6. This one came into our shop in San Antonio the other day. Said it was done in Connecticut around 1985. Could not remember the shop name or tattooer's name. Also... Have you guys checked out @vintage_tattoos on Instagram? It's run by 2 english dudes so there's a lot of english stuff but if you tag them in an old tattoo they repost it. It's pretty bitchin' - - - Updated - - - Don't know why that uploaded sideways... Oh well. - - - Updated - - - Met this guy outside of my old apartment here in San Antonio... I had a bunch of pictures of him... But they're not on my phone anymore... Ill t
  7. Yelllllller! My name is Alex Kass and I am a tattooer in San Antonio, texas. I work at a shop called electric panther tattoo. I enjoy tattooing, tattoo history, creating happiness in people through tattooing, a little bit of painting, tacos, sign painting, and other semi-related things. I've actually had an account since 2010 but I've been pretty absent from the forum for the most part. I have watched a whole Mess of the interviews that Scott puts up here and they are great. It is my goal in life to be the best me that I can be, do the best job I can, and have as much fun as possib
  8. I got some red, it's pretty rich and I like it a lot.
  9. I've got a liner from Scott that I got through a trade and I'm kicking myself in the ass for not having bought one sooner. It was a total game changer for me and a lot of issues I had disappeared when I started using it.
  10. Andy I'm so sorry to hear that. I just saw last night on instagram he posted another pair up for grabs and I thought about tagging you in it, but instead I just unfollowed him. You're a nice dude a good tattooer and you don't deserve that. Hope everything works out for you.
  11. askass

    New, sort of

    I went to post an ad to sell something today and realized my account had restricted access... and then I realized I never made an introduction... thought I had. Anyway... My name is Alex Kass, I tattoo in San Antonio, Texas. I love tattooing and anything to do with it. I enjoy collecting and reading books about tattooing, tinkering with tattoo machines (mostly breaking, seems like), hanging out with older tattoo guys and listening to their stories, and things of that nature. I've listened to a vast majority or all the interviews on here and I always enjoy hearing about other peoples' chall
  12. I recently purchased a yellow texas rose, a rollo design, from Ursula and it's fucking amazing. She's not joking when she talks about really appreciating these things in person... they're WAY cooler in real life. cheers.
  13. Welcome to LST. I/we look forward to your contributions to our tattoo forum and community via stories and pictures!

    Thanks and until then......have a good day


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