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My name is Kenny from Belgium.

My hobbies are Krav-Jitsu and watching Soccer.

After many years of thinking of a design, I decided to get my first tattoo.

I have one on my upper wrist.

So there lies the problem I'm having of when I can get back to training since we work a lot on wrist locks.

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I've been doing martial arts for more about 20 years (karate, kung-fu, street fighting, kempo, ...)

But this is the most inconstant thing I ever did. Never the same, every training different.

I've played soccer, but compared to Krav-Jitsu it wasn't that tiring ;)

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I was wondering ... If you want to place a tattoo on your wrist.

It has a vertical line as symmetry from finger tips towards arm.

How to you see when it's straight?

The red line in the image for example


- - - Updated - - -


This was the design I went for.

But the guy said the letter was too close to the vertical line, so he had to move it a little.

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