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Good Evening All

JoelRhys Dudley

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Ive been on an off this site/forum for the past year or so without ever signing up, i watched all the videos on youtube and scrolled through countless streams and discussions, odin knows why it took me so long to actually sign up and get around to doing this intro thing but here i am anyway.

its lovely to "meet" you all. so far ive read and learned some pretty insightful bits and pieces from this forum, hopefully i can give something back at some point but until then i'll enjoy reading all the discussions, debates and anecdotes as i carve my own path through the craft and industry that i love so much



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Thanks for the welcome guys, lets see, ive been getting tattoo's since i was 16 (it all starts in bedrooms of guys you meet at the skate park ay?) but since then ive been in love with tattoos and tattooing, ive had tattoos from some of the Uk's greatest artist, such as Jason at IN2U, frank from Frith St, Nick at Jayne Doe, not to mention the the guy i have most work from, Mike Harris at Churchyard. i recommend you check out them all especially if visiting the south of England. in terms of coverage i have most of both arms, chest, ribs, half of my left leg....im getting there haha.

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