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    22 year old from the home-counties, England. I have a natural world view, but take a lot of my inspiration from spiritual sources. Peace
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    Hertfordshire, UK
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    Loud Music, Science, Travel
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  1. there aren't many places i wouldn't tattoo however 'when' certainly comes into account for example ive never been a fan of the "warped tour body suit" as dringenberg puts it in his interview so ive always intended to tattoo my neck/throat when at least my torso is is full (not necessarily including my back) and same for me hands, both of my arms will be pretty much full after this weekends tattoo but also another factor for me is family, without sounding morbid i will probably wait until my granddad isn't around anymore to tattoo my hands/neck simply out of respect to him, he's too old now to
  2. Bless my mum though the things she says are golden, every te I return home with a new tattoo even a tiny one like the Fly I got last week... "Oh no another one, when're you guna stop?" Perhaps I'll stop when I stop working in a tattoo shop <3 Mumas rule
  3. it baffles me how some "plainskins" can walk in and start saying stuff like "i dont get how people can cover themselves with tattoos, mine are small and sweet and easily hide-able...(insert other slightly insulting, down-talk)" to a shop full of heavily tattoo'd guys!? you know what i mean?? i dont particularly enjoy football (soccer) but i do own a football and i do watch it now and then, but i'd never dream of walking into a sport shop or club-store and be like "i don't get people who watch football all the time its so stupid, i prefer to play it with my friends...." that kind of opinion is
  4. http://distilleryimage4.s3.amazonaws.com/5e53b864294111e3bcc022000a1fbb0e_8.jpg the photo quality is terrible but i got this little gap-jammer from Marcus Kuhn at the london convention this year its based off of a picture from some hori chiyo drawings...also its a self taken photo of the back of my arm in a bathroom with a terribly bright light but you get the idea. by the way the gypsy gentleman really is a True Gent.
  5. "never been a fan of koi tattoos, no idea why, i love japanese art and tattoos just not kois.... " thats what the me 5 minutes before seeing this would say.
  6. mind set plays a huge part in getting tattoo'd you may be perceiving more pain with that other guy because you're anticipating it and therefore you're not as totally relaxed, physically and mentally as you could be. but also age and time to take their tole on our bodies, i sat through 5 hours on my chest and just breezed through it, went back for some touch ups and add-ons, maybe 3 years later and i felt like he was trying to line the bench i was laying upon. as for rotary vs coil its so hard to judge because as previously said on this threat tattoos hurt, all of em. but the aggressive buzz o
  7. let me start by saying how much i enjoy and appreciate the style being discussed. i think there is place for anything in tattooing as long as it works well, looks good and lasts. i know this is more of a discussion of "fadisms" and terminology but like @Stewartrobson has said, it would be great if it didn't have a genre/name yet. let it enter the zeitgeist of tattooing on its own and stop asking do you do dot-work like its some kind of religious practice.
  8. Instagram got this Game of thrones / 13 filler. also did my first tattoo yesterday. a 50p sized 13 on my dad. i was pretty stoked
  9. Never used to re-wrap but now i unwrap, clean, re-wrap the night of a new tattoo. repeat first thing the following morning, where the wrap for most of the day unless its a particularly long day then unwrap clean and cream and usually leave it and just apply nappy-rash cream til its nice n smooth, occasionally i'll wrap it for a second night if its still too oozy because i have white bed sheets....haha.
  10. i get what you mean, however i'd hate to make somebody think that the tribal-esque blob they have on them forever, looks terrible. you know? to them it could mean the world and its not my place to ruin that for them. i don't think either that just because youre "in the know" so to speak, that its your duty to educate everyone on what is good and bad, let them figure it out for themselves, i had to! most people dont want to listen anyway. the only people i spend and significant amount of time "educating" on good and bad tattoos/artists are friends and loved ones.
  11. i started out sticking really random things up my arm and leg as a teen but now i have a better understanding and passion for aesthetics based on what ive learned from observing better and better artists over the last few years, listening to what they say and how they steer clients towards the best position. recently i was told of a book by Herbert Hoffman called, Living Picture Books. im sure many of you have heard of it. i havent been able to find a copy for less than £500 but it it full of pictures hoffman took of tattoo'd people in Germany through the first half of the 20th century, the re
  12. i think you can open these by right clicking and opening image in new tab - - - Updated - - - haha im hopeless with technology. when im back with my own computor ill get some more stuff up on here, for now navigating works ancient pc is too much for me haha
  13. these are all by nick whybrow at jayne doe in london - - - Updated - - - shit are they even visible? if not how do i post photos haha
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