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Thank you to Last Sparrow and hello

Mikey P

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Since I was a young lad, I developed a taste for for things people would find often mentioned on a tattoo oriented website.

I moved from Olathe, Kansas last year to what I would call my original home state, Minnesota. Having never lived in the Twin Cities until 2012, I was lost as to where to go for good tattoos. After perusing this site, I know I found the right place. I had seen mention of Zach Kinsey at Uptown Tattoo, in Minneapolis, MN more than once, and went to check the shop out. After visiting a couple other shops, I knew Uptown was where I wanted to go, especially after being referred to Nic Skrade. The tattoo I wanted was based upon artwork of a favorite video game of mine, that I discovered at age 11 and still play to this day, and it was clear Nic and I shared this interest growing up. I knew I would receive 100% effort and full passion into the design I asked to be commissioned.

Nic absolutely delivered. I can deliver more details and photos if asked. I figured a dissertation on my hello post might not be apropo.

But again, I will without a doubt say, that without this website and its members, I would not be as happy as I am now with the tattoo I started last weekend.

Much Obliged,

Mikey P.

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Sorry for the delay in the photos. I had Nic snap some on Saturday before he got to work on the color. The photos of the color work were taken after I took the cover off and washed all the plasma off my arm. It took Nic about 4 hours to do all the coloring you see in the photos.





And here are images from the game itself:



For those unfamiliar with the game, the protagonist enter a derelict ship with no power about halfway through. Upon killing Phantoon, the ship's power is restored. I wanted the tattoo to look like the moment when Samus first discovers Phantoon emerging through a dark aura haunted by the spirits of the slain crew.

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