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Hello from England


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Hello everyone, I'm Flo.

I have up until now only been a (mostly) passive tattoo enthusiast, but i guess that will all change now! I decided to join LST after watching Scott Sylvia's Interview, which was awesome. Don’t you think?

It did however make me think about how I got into being so interested in tattoos...

I got my first tattoo from Nikki Balls only three years ago at the Brighton Tattoo Convention after watching the ‘True Love’ documentaries’ which I found on youtube, and decided she would be a good place to start. At the time i didn't have any flash books so trawled through pages of the internet on sites like flikr to find something I liked.

I understand what Scott is saying about a lot being lost in the meaning behind tattooing due to the widespread popularity from the internet but at the same time some good things have come from it. Surely this forum is proof of that? If it wasn't for the internet, in many way's I don't think I would have been able to make an informed choice of who to get tattooed by and what to get.

Anyway, that was a long hello!

In case your interested, here is Ball's Tattoo:


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Yeh she was great!

I'm currently booked in for a tattoo this November with Rich Hardy which should be good. Still not quite decided on what to get yet though... Perhaps a vase of flowers or just some roses. I'm open to suggestions?

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