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Halloween in Austin Texas!

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Hey ya'all!

My lady and I are going to be visiting Austin Texas for Halloween.

we're already making a list of fun touristy stuff to do (I don't care if seeing bats is touristy, I'm going to see the GODDAMNED BATS) but we're still trying to figure out fun stuff to do!

We're 100% on Terror Tuesday at the Alamo and we're considering tattoos. Any good walk-in spots in Austin?

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When I lived there you could go pretty much everywhere in the capital (pre-9/11) so not sure if you still can do as much there. The river walk is cool and the botanical garden was one of the best I'd been to at that point. The cathedral of junk is pretty awesome too.

the old san francisco steak house was awesome but I've heard its no longer open.

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Check out the antique shop Uncommon Objects on South Congress. It has the best shit, and it is close to the bats. Have fun at the Alamo. I worked there for the year I lived in Austin, and it is the best theatre in the country.

Uncommon is on my list!

It's on my bucket list in life to see a movie, specifically a horror movie, at the Alamo.

So I'm glad to be crossing that off. They recently threw Madonna out for texting during a film.

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