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I'm not sure why I've lurked this site for so long and not joined....

It's possible that I didn't feel the need.....

It's possible I just got plenty from just lurking...

Either way, this is one of very few good website resources for tattooers.... hopefully I can contribute something.

The spec sheet...of sorts....

Mr. Bruce ......currently (2013) 43yrs old........that's all you need to know...I won't bore you with my last name, it's long and too often mispronounced and my grandfather wouldn't appreciate that.

Self Made tattooer...nothing made up or romantic. From hand poke in Junior high to my Spaulding Super Saver kit Senior year of high school circa 1988 ......those Pumas changed my life, tape deck rotaries lost their appeal.

Trained by the best convicts my family tree could provide. Got my first "tattoo" at age 11 , and the ONLY cover up I've ever gotten.....regret it every day since.

"Professionally" licensed since 1998 .... Unable to tattoo in my own state of MASS since it was illegal for 38yrs, once ban lifted I began work same week at a great street shop opened by a friend with more money than me .....

Greatfully tattooing in the same chair since.......... in my hometown, born and raised.....Pushing 13yrs ...... Hopefully beyond.

Travel.... Friends....acquaintances....along the way.......

I keep my head down, respect the hard working people who give up their pay to get tattooed by me....and enjoy good conversation.

I don't innovate, that's for innovators..........I just work, I'm that................ It's more than fine to me.

Hopefully I can participate here...avoid the negativity...and meet like minded folks.

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I sit in an unassuming street shop ....... My home town of Fall River, Massachusetts .... Not exactly Beverly Hills.... The shop is called Up In Flames Tattoo. We are a small group of friends, all from the area..... Nobody specializes, but we all enjoy both Traditional & Asian styles..... Like Good Time Charlie said "give em the haircut they want" ....

I'll do classic Bowery designs or baby momma names......... Eagles to infinity loops....

We take the street shop attitude pretty seriously......

I haven't got an online album of sorts with my work ......but please feel free to check my INSTAGRAM out....I keep it current...and entertaining..... @followmrbruce

I don't think you'll be overwhelmed, but I try and do good stuff.....

Thanks for looking .....

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    • Hey, thanks for your input!    Here's how it's doing now. About 4 weeks now. Definetly not as bad as I thought it would, but not great either. I'll be waiting to get it fixed later in the year. Good thing is it still looks pretty good even if its pretty shit 😂 live and learn!    This guy has done a couple full arm blackouts too so I really dunno what's up.    It's hard to find someone who has much experience doing this type of work where I live.    Have connected with another artist who has also done it and has decent healed pics, and am waiting on her advice too.  Also, for fixing it, do you have to go over the whole thing again, or just the dodgy spots?    How does using different black inks affect it?    Guy wants to touch up in a month or two but yea I don't think my skin will be ready by then lol dya have an instagram I can follow? 🙂
    • just got a message by a friend who send me these thread... I'm a blackwork tattooer...and to be honest it's one of the most difficult technic, cause you have to pack it super solid in large areas, with different "soft/thick" skin...so it's not wondering I'm mostly repairing blackouts... problems like yours can arise for various reasons... could be a voltage/handspeed issue at this area(overworked/traumatized) or he had a "dirty" needle (plasma and vaseline get stuck together with pigment and fills the space between the needles) could also happen it was accidentally touched with dirty hands by a friend/animalnose, got sticked at sleeping(you can't remember)... and i could make the list way longer... WE WON'T FIND OUT ANYMORE... but in the end the crust will switch to scars... sadly there will be no way around... keep it clean and let it heal... If it does not get better in the next few days, you can get cortisone ointment from the pharmacy.   BUT! THE GOOD THING! it can be reworked once the healing is over and the scars are settled down... so you should give it minimum half a year but as i said -IT CAN BE REPAIRED!! For the next time you should consult an artist who is into blackouts    sadly can't post images, so i can't show you how your scars will be looking and how it is looks after reworking a blackout...     So here we go... the first picture will be show how a healed overworked blackout looks like...   second/third was around 3 month after reworking by me...
    • It almost looks like an ingrown hair or something? I don't know. But yeah, I bet it'll clear up before too long.
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